Withdrawing Tether USDT to a card is a task that many cryptocurrency users face. Whether you want to convert USDT TRC20 or USDT ERC20, the process may seem complicated. However, thanks to the CoinsBar service, this has become easier than ever.

In this article, we will tell you in detail how to withdraw USDT to a card, including PrivatBank and Monobank cards, and provide step-by-step instructions.

Instructions for withdrawing USDT to a card via CoinsBar

The first step to withdraw USDT to your card is to register on the CoinsBar website.

To do this you need:

  1. While on the CoinsBar website, click the “Registration” button.

  2. Fill in all the required fields, indicating your e-mail, creating a password, and confirming registration.

Selecting the direction of exchange

After registering and logging into your personal account, select the direction of exchange. In our case, this is USDT to the card. Make sure you select the correct USDT type: TRC20 or ERC20 depending on the wallet.

Entering data for exchange

In the next step, you will need to enter the data for the exchange:

  • Enter the USDT amount you want to withdraw. In this field, you must enter the exact amount of USDT that you plan to exchange for fiat money. Please note that the system will automatically calculate the amount that will be credited to your card, taking into account the commission.

  • Enter the card number to which funds will be credited. You will need to enter the number of the card you want to receive money on. CoinsBar supports a wide range of bank cards, including cards from PrivatBank, Monobank, FUIB, Raiffeisen, Sberbank, OTP, A-Bank, Sense and other banks. Make sure that the card number is entered correctly to avoid delays or errors when crediting funds.

  • Confirm the entered data and proceed with the exchange. Before completing the operation, double-check all entered data. Make sure that the amount, card number and owner's name are entered correctly. After verification, click the confirm button to begin the exchange process. The system will send you a message about the start of the transaction and inform you of the approximate time of completion of the transaction.

Waiting for the operation to complete

After entering all the necessary data and confirming the exchange, all that remains is to wait for the operation to complete. CoinsBar guarantees fast and secure transactions. As a rule, the process takes from several minutes to an hour depending on the network load.

Benefits of using CoinsBar

CoinsBar provides many benefits to its users. Firstly, this ease of use makes it easy for even beginners to understand the exchange process. Secondly, CoinsBar supports different cards, including PrivatBank and Monobank, which makes it a universal solution for users from different countries. In addition, the high speed of transactions and reliability of the service ensure the comfort and safety of each exchange.

Withdrawing USDT to a card via CoinsBar is a reliable and fast way to convert cryptocurrency into fiat money. By following our instructions, you can easily withdraw USDT TRC20 and USDT ERC20 to your card, be it PrivatBank, Monobank or any other card. If you are asking how to withdraw money from USDT to a card, CoinsBar will offer you the most convenient and secure method. Use CoinsBar and enjoy the convenience and security of cryptocurrency exchange!

In this article, we looked at how to withdraw USDT to a card, including PrivatBank and Monobank cards, using the CoinsBar service. By following simple steps - registering on the site, selecting the exchange direction, entering data and waiting for the operation to complete - you can quickly and easily withdraw USDT. CoinsBar provides a reliable and convenient way to exchange cryptocurrency, ensuring high speed and security of transactions.



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